What will our Road Hazard Warranty do for you?


Westside Tire Co will follow its Puncture Repair Procedures to determine if your tire

should be repaired, or replaced under this coverage.


Road Hazard Warranty can save you the expense of tire replacement. If your tire

becomes unusable due to a road hazard related mishap and cannot be repaired, we

will, subject to pro-rated adjustment based upon the remaining usable tread on the tire,

replace the unusable tire. While Westside Tire Co will remount the tire for free, there will

be a cost for re-balancing,road hazard coverage,tire disposal of the replacement tire.

Coverage extends to such damage as unrepairable tread punctures damage from

potholes, nails, glass and jagged metal which cause cuts, snags, punctures, impact

breaks, bruises and rim cuts.


Coverage with Road Hazard Warranty extends for the full period of the mileage of the

tire. This coverage is not transferable to a new owner.